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On Saturday I woke up very early at 8. We had breakfast and left for Irrland fun park ( The weather was really bad but that didn't stop us from having fun. Tonight Claudia and I went with her brother to his work and watched a movie. The movie was very scary, but we enjoyed it. The movie finished at 12:15 and we went home and slept.

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Today, I woke up at 12:00pm and I had a nice breakfast. Then after that I went for a walk on the streets even though I didn't know the place, I just walked. And today we're going to have a lazy day!! In the afternoon we went to Köln Dom (Cologne Cathedral). The church took 600 years to build. ( The church looks very big when I stood next to it. When we went inside we saw a lot of art work and colourful stained-glass windows. We took a lot of pictures and we stayed for a service with the choir singing. After the service, I lit up a candle for my family and prayed. The we took pictures around the church.

Sipho Pokolo dom church


The next day we went to PHANTASIALAND. We got up very early and then we picked up Marco and we drove for one hour. Phantasialand is like Ratanga Junction but bigger and better. First we went on to the "River Quest". We sat in a round rubber boat that was floating on water. Then we where pushed into an elevator and went up. Then we got to the top and fell right down into the water and continued to float around. Then we got very wet. Luckily, it was a very warm and sunny day. Next we went to "Feng Ju Palace". It was a spinning room that had seats and that turned everything up side down. Then we went to "Talocan". It's a bench that spins you around and there is fire and water around. It was going up very high and it was scary and terrifying. They also spin you backwards. I loved it very much. After that we went onto the roller coaster called the "Black Mamba". Its like a cobra. It is super fast. There is grass and bones sticking out and you get around the corner and I kept my mouth shut tight. It is the fastest roller coaster ever built. After the Black Mamba we went to Berlin (not the city, a part of Phantasialand) to Europe's largest two-storey steam carousel (spinning round wheel with fake hourses). After that we went to the other spinning thing, what's that called? Spin through the air on a chairiplane. I liked that very much it felt very relaxing. Then we went to have some ice cream. After the ice cream we went to the phantasie world and to the indoor spinning roller coaster called "Winja's Force". It picked up a lot of speed and it was scary and fun. After that we went to the boats. They had waterguns. It was very, very slow and fun. Then we went to the Mysterious Tower. That's a very tall and high tower. It has scary things inside and has a dummy of Einstein, dead. It's almost like a roller coaster but just going up and down. I had to go all by my self because Claudia and Marco were too scared to come with me. It was dark and after 5 minutes I realized why they were scared but it was too late and the doors were already shut. We went up and down like a spring out of control and I thought we were going to pop out of the roof and I was holding on tight and then we were shooting right down like a bullet out of a gun. Then we went home with me walking into walls.

Sipho and Marco Black Mamba


We went to the "Sommerrodelbahn" (summer slide). We went on the slide a lot of times and we enjoyed it with some drinks and ice-cream. After that I went with Claudia's brother Marco to his work and played some Playstation while Claudia went for a massage.

Sipho Pokolo Speeding


It was a lazy day and we did some art-work. We made door coat hangers and painted it. And then we left them to dry.

Sipho Pokolo Painting


Today, we went to an indoor skiing hall. First we started with the basics of breaking, trying to stop and turning which was a bit difficult. Then we went a level up to the medium hill. After I mastered that, we took the lift up to the highest hill. I was supposed to copy what Claudia was showing me to do, then I went copying the zigzag turns. Then when I did the second turn and my ski went onto the other ski and I was forced to go straight down. We where there for 6 hours and I wasn't tired but every one else was but they could ski better then I could. At the end I could do these turns and I could go onto the scary ramps. I could jump, ski and fall if I went too fast. That was fun.

Sipho Pokolo shing


It was a lazy day again and we went to see the biggest coal digger machiene in the world. It was not such a nice day because it was raining.
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This was the last day in Mönchengladbach. I saw the stadium of Borussia Mönchengladbach and there was the women's world cup soccer tournament. Then we went shopping in a big supermarket. After that, we went to a very boring summer party for old people. We visited Claudia's grandfather, who is 96 years old. There are the oldest people ever in Germany

Sipho Pokolo on Time magazine


On the 3rd of June we finally drove to Berlin which was a 6 hour drive with only 2 stops. It was boring. I slept for a bit and then I woke up and we were in traffic for a long time until we were free again and then we drove as fast we could. We arrived at about 6 pm. We unpacked the car and Gary was making some nice food and we ate and then we watched some episodes of "Scrubs", and then we went to bed.
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I woke up early. I walked with Claudia's mum to the book shop where I bought a book called "Trash". Claudia had her violin lesson and then she came to pick us up and we went to Burger King and rented a movie called "Bewitched".


I slept very long today. Later on, we took the underground, or subway (U-Bahn). It was very fast, only a few seconds between each stop. We went to "Potzdamer Platz" where Claudia bought tickets for the last Harry Potter movie for the next week. Then we went to Legoland where everything was lego. Then we went for a long walk past the Berlin Wall, through the Jewish Memorial and the Brandenburger Gate, all the way up past the old buildings to the TV Tower. Then I went up the TV Tower with Claudia's Mum. We went up with the elevator 203m in 40 seconds! I saw the whole of Berlin. It was full of people up there.


Today I slept for a long time. Later, we went for a walk and we had lunch at a Turkish restaurant.
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Today, we got up very early and then we went to the Berlin Zoo where we saw a lot of animals. We had lunch at the zoo with French fries, sausages and coke. We walked for a very long time and when we got home, we were very tired.
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I got up very, very late again because I had been up all night listening to a Harry Potter audiobook. We didn't do much. We bought cake and pizza and we hired a DVD, "Little Miss Sunshine". It was a funny film.


Today we went to the Biosphere in Potsdam, near Berlin. It's an indoor rain forest with many different reptile, animals, fish and plants. It is very hot in there. We had a lunch break in a restaurant inside and we had an ice chocolate and a coffe and something to eat.
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We went to Tiergarden Park to take some photographs. After that we went to a French/German festival and we did a lot of activities and a lot of fun things.


We drove around to some shops and I listened to my Harry Potter audiobooks.


Today we went to the natural history museum. We saw a lot of different animals and big models of insects. They had a room full of glass jars with fish in alcohol and many fossils and bones. Some were up to 150 million years old.
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Today I slept until 5 pm. At half past seven we went to McDonalds and at 9 we arrived at the cinema to watch "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2", in 3D!
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We went to a ice-cream cafe to meet up with friends of Claudia. I had a Kiwi Dream Cup. It was very nice and sour. I met a little baby named Emil, Claudia's friend's son.
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Today we took some photos in Claudia's studio and then she threw me out the window! Only joking! It was a photoshopped picture of me flying. In the evening we went to the Tibet Restaurant next door to Claudia's flat.

Sipho Pokolo on Time magazine

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